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About chao mi  laser aftermarket

Adhere to customer-centric, integrity management, we adhere to the quality as the fundamental, rely on service and win, I believe we, you get more than just a product, but also our commitment to you and guarantee !!!


Shenzhen chao mi Laser Technology Co., Ltd. adhere to the customer as the center, for your company to provide a sound installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and other pre-sales and after-sales service.
1, pre-sale services: Before signing the contract, the company provides customers with a variety of production processes, providing laser equipment, technical advice, sample samples, equipment selection and other services.
2, installation and commissioning: Our company under the contract, free of charge within the specified time the equipment shipped to the user's designated domestic installation site, and technical service engineers to install on-site. In the basic installation of the user to debug the case of spare parts, technical service engineers will be 1-2 days to complete the trial installation and commissioning of the machine for users and to ensure that the installation site environment clean and tidy, clean and orderly.
3, after-sale training: the company provides free technical training, installation and commissioning is completed, the buyer at the scene or the seller of domestic training and repair center on the buyer operator technical training, until the operator to

The basic normal use of the equipment so far, the main training content is as follows:
⊙ common use of graphics software training;
⊙ switch machine operating procedures training;
⊙ panel and software control parameters of the meaning of the parameters of the scope of training;
⊙ basic cleaning and maintenance of the machine;
⊙ common hardware fault handling;
⊙ operation should pay attention to the problem:
In addition to providing users with their products related to the production of technical support. Service Hotline: 13823518896
Company commitment:
⊙ free one year warranty equipment, maintenance projects for machine maintenance and life-long maintenance.
⊙ free technical advice, software upgrades and other services.
⊙ provide regular inspection services, handling the machine's abnormal situation.
⊙ customer service response time in 24 hours.
⊙ after the expiration of the warranty still provide a wide range of hardware and software support and services.


Contact: Miss Luo

Phone: 15820423006

Tel: 0755-36976853


Add: Baoan District of Shenzhen City manhole streets Xinyu Road, Heng - sheng high - tech park B, 403

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