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Jewelry laser spot welding

  • Jewelry laser welding machine - Closed
Jewelry laser welding machine - Closed

Jewelry laser welding machine - Closed

  • Name: Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
  • Power: 200 W
  • Price: Negotiable or Union
  • Product description: Jewelry laser welding machines, laser welding machine jewelry jewelry specifically for laser welding of a product, mainly used in gold and silver jewelry fill holes and spot trachoma. Gold and silver

产品描述:product description


Mainly used for gold and silver jewelry fill holes, spot welding, such as welding and repair trachoma for gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and other heavy metals and their alloys, it can also be used to make dentures and trachoma tiny precision components such as batteries nickel bonding tape, IC lead, watches gossamer, CRT, an electron gun assembly, and other fields.



● core components "laser condenser chamber" imported ceramic or metallic reflecting condenser cavity, more stable performance and longer service life, in order to bring efficient and economical processing program;
● welding speed, welding efficiency increases, a single piece of welding time is shortened, for customers to accelerate the return on investment;
● High welding quality, beautiful weld, the weld strength with the base material, etc., without secondary processing, improve the rate of qualified products;
● weldable refractory material, especially for micro and small parts, jewelry precision welding;
● plane customization ability, according to customer requirements create customized models.

应用范围: Applications:


Widely used in a variety of metal materials composed of hardware such as precision casting welding, such as: jewelry, dentures dentures, watches, medical, instrumentation, electronics, machinery and mold processing, automotive and other industries, especially for gold and silver jewelry fill holes, point trachoma welding, seam lines and repair parts inlaid claw feet and other parts of the welding.

技术参数:Technical Parameters:

型号  Model


输出功率  Output Power


激光波长  Laser wavelength


最大单脉冲能量 Maximum pulse energy


脉冲宽度 Pulse Width


重复频率 repeat frequency


连续工作时间  Continuous working time


焊接深度 Welding depth


聚焦光斑直径 Focus spot diameter


电力需求 Table load

AC 220V 50HZ

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