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Mold laser welding machine

  • Large - scale die - type laser welding machine
Large - scale die - type laser welding machine

Large - scale die - type laser welding machine

  • Name: Large - scale die - type laser welding machine
  • Power: 200 W / 400 W
  • Price: Negotiable or email
  • Product description: Large-scale die laser welding machine: laser head can be followed to adapt to the size of the mold welding, in particular, to solve the problem of large-scale mold repair, do not die movement, boom la
Product Description: product description:

Mobile crane mold laser welding machine designed for large mold repair welding, such as automotive mold, chassis mold, tire mold, home appliances plastic shell mold and other plastic and die-casting mold, equipped with the boom can be electric up and down, laser Head can be 360 degrees to adjust the angle, easy to weld any corner, you can make welding 3 meters long, several large heavy mold, and the equipment is equipped with pulleys, easy to move, you can move directly to the injection molding machine welding, The Equipped with a manual table, three-dimensional worktable can bear 200 kg, the same for small and medium-sized mold repair.

Features: Features:

1, joystick control laser head electric, Promise speed, suitable for all kinds of molds at any angle and any position of the welding.

2, for large molds, you can not workstations, directly on the ground or forklift for mold welding.

3, the use of imported metal condenser cavity, high reflectivity, long service life.

4, also equipped with electric lift of the precision table, small mold welding as flexible and convenient.


Ultra-meter mold welding machine advantages:

1, welding energy is high, compared to the general welding machine can be welded thicker welding wire, welding performance and stability;

2, a single laser pulse, the waveform can be adjusted to meet the complex, special materials, welding process requirements;

3, touch screen interface, intuitive and convenient operation.

4, the use of high-performance metal condenser cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature, long cavity life, xenon lamp life of 800 million times.

5, the use of the world's most advanced automatic shading system, eliminating the time in the work of the eye irritation.

6, the laser head can adjust the welding angle of 360 degrees, the overall part of the optical path can be rotated 360 degrees, and up and down electric lift, before and after the push, especially for a variety of large, medium and small mold repair.

7, the parameter adjustment using intelligent remote control, simple operation, fast.

8, the table can be electric lift, X, Y axis manual adjustment.

Applications: Applications:

It is suitable for repairing all kinds of molds such as precision injection molding, die casting and so on. It is the repair of all kinds of metal structures, gold and silver jewelry welding.

Large-scale die-type laser welding machine sample

Technical parameters: Technical Parameters:

Model: CM-HJMJ-D400W

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Reflective cavity reflector: imported ceramic condenser cavity

Maximum laser power: 400W

Pulse width: 0.1-20ms

Gather lens focal length: F = 200MM

Laser frequency: 0-100Hz

Most in single pulse energy: 90J

Welding depth: 0.1-2.3mm

Rated power: 6.5kw

Cooling method: water cooling

Laser positioning: Microscope (optional CCD)

Power demand: single phase 220v ± 5% / 50Hz / 30A



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