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Mold laser welding machine

  • Die repair laser welding machine
Die repair laser welding machine

Die repair laser welding machine

  • Name: Die repair laser welding machine
  • Power: 200W / 300W / 400W
  • Price: Negotiable or email
  • Product description: Mold laser welding machine repair technology to effectively deal with all the small part of the welding and repair work to make up for the traditional TIG welding technology in the repair of fine surf
Product Description: product description:

Mold laser welding machine specifically for the mold industry design, for the repair of precision molds, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobiles, motorcycles and other mold manufacturing and molding industry. Through the repair of the mold, you can re-use the original mold, significant savings in production costs and improve work efficiency. This technology can be applied to modify the design or size of the mold, reducing the product development cycle.

Laser mold repair technology to effectively deal with all the small part of the welding and repair work to make up for the traditional TIG welding technology in the repair of fine surface defects, to avoid the heat strain and post-processing of these two thresholds, greatly saving the mold production cycle The


Features: Features:

Mold laser welding machine using large-screen LCD Chinese interface display, so that the operator easier to learn and operation, the device also uses the glyph programming function, to achieve multi-mode work, suitable for most of the material mold repair. Not only the heat affected area is small, the oxidation rate is low, there will not be trachoma, stomata and other phenomena, for the effect of repairing the mold after the junction without bump phenomenon, but will not lead to mold deformation.

Ultra-meter mold welding machine advantages:

1. Welding energy is high, compared to the general welding machine can melt thicker wire, welding performance and stability;

2, a single laser pulse, the waveform can be adjusted to meet the complex, special materials, welding process requirements;

3, touch screen interface, intuitive and convenient operation.

4, the use of British imports of ceramic condenser cavity, corrosion resistance, high temperature, cavity life (8-10) years, xenon lamp life of 800 million times.

5, the use of the world's most advanced automatic shading system, eliminating the time in the work of the eye irritation.

6, the laser head can be rotated 360 degrees, the overall part of the optical path can be rotated 360 degrees, and up and down electric lift, before and after the push, especially for a variety of large, medium and small mold repair.

7, the parameter adjustment using intelligent remote control, simple operation, fast.

8, the table can be electric lift, three-dimensional movement

Mold laser welding machine details

Applications: Applications:

Mold laser welding machine, repair machine to 50-60 Rockwell temperature, the mold, precision injection molding, die casting, stamping, stainless steel and other hard materials, cracks, collapse angle, touch edge and extravagance sealed edge repair, welding; accuracy High, laser spot diameter is only 0.2mm ~ 1.5mm; heating area is small, the workpiece will not be deformed; welded after etching, does not affect the effect. Suitable for precision injection molding, die-casting and other types of mold repair welding, casting, machine parts such as sand holes, collapse, over-cutting processing, all kinds of metal structures, gold and silver jewelry welding processing


Die repair laser welding machine

Can be suitable for welding a variety of mold materials: S136, NAK80,718,738, P20, SKD-11, SKD-61, H13, W302, GS2344, GS2343,
Gs2082 and other countries die steel.
After welding will not produce cracks, sand holes, scars, deformation, oxidation, suitable for mirror polishing, bite flowers, etching, selection
The corresponding welding consumables and the corresponding welding parameters can make the welding parts to reach the hardness of HRC60 °.

Technical Parameters:

Equipment Type: CM-HJMJ-YC200

Laser output power: 200W

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Minimum spot diameter: 0.2mm

Welding the smallest bath: 0.1mm

Pulse width: 0.1ms-20ms

Pulse frequency: 1-50Hz

Power control system: single chip

Observation system: microscope

Optional targeting: CCD

Worktable travel: 300 × 200 × 300mm

Host system: 1170 × 580 × 1100mm

The product may be upgraded at any time, or for the user's application changes configuration, the content is not necessarily consistent with the product to the actual product.

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