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Is the difference between professional laser welding machine and laser welding machine the same kind of machine?

A customer asked us about our super-meter laser manufacturers. Q: Is laser welding machine and laser welding machine professionally provided by the same kind of machine? Laser welding machine and laser welding machine difference
Laser light and laser are the same, there is no difference. Only "laser light" is the earlier name, "laser" is the current name.

The original Chinese name of the laser was “Laser,” “Lace,” a transliteration of its English name, LASER. It was an abbreviation of the first letter of each word from the English Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It means "magnified by stimulated radiation."

Laser is the original Chinese name for lasers. It is the meaning of amplified light stimulated by radiation. Later, Qian Xuesen suggested changing the laser light to laser light. Laser light has a wide range of applications in medical, health, beauty, industrial cutting, engraving, welding and many other aspects.
Laser welding machine, often referred to as laser welding machine, laser welding machine, is a laser material processing machine, according to its working mode is divided into galvanometer laser welding machine, automatic laser welding machine, laser die welding machine, jewelry laser spot Welding machine, advertising laser welding machine, hand-held laser welding machine, there are laser welding machine that distinguishes hard light path, laser welding machine with soft light path

The following picture shows: Hard-beam YAG automatic laser welding machine
Hard-beam laser welding machines are good at spot welding and seam welding workpieces that do not require strict beam quality. The hard-beam laser welding machine has sufficient spot welding energy, and can be automated with corresponding workbenches and fixtures, which can save labor costs, increase product reliability and aesthetics, and increase product added value. In order to improve the stability of its energy output, hard-beam laser welding machines can use current feedback technology to make each output of the power supply constant, which improves the stability of energy to some extent. The
Hard light YAG automatic fiber laser welding machine
The following picture: soft light fiber transmission laser welding machine host:

The laser is transmitted in the form of total reflection in the fiber. In the transmission process, a sufficiently long fiber homogenizes the uneven position in the spot, so that the spot we get at the fiber output will be a uniform spot. Irrespective of whether the output of the laser is elliptical or defective, a long enough fiber can theoretically homogenize the spot into the round spot we need. Therefore, the first advantage of optical fiber output is that the light spot is homogenized. The

Soft optical fiber transmission laser welding machine host:

Application Comparison of Hard-beam and Fiber-optic Transmission Laser Welding Machines
Hard light laser welding machine
Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine
The laser energy is distributed Gaussian in the spot range, the center energy is the strongest, the spark during welding is large, the welding spot is not beautiful, and it is not suitable for spot welding. The spot welding is easy to fall off or weld through the back
The laser energy is distributed in the shape of a hat within the range of the spot. The energy distribution of the entire spot is even and the welding spot is smooth and beautiful. It is suitable for high-demand laser spot welding processing, and the spot welding stability is high.
Laser focus height changes at different power sections
Laser focus position is fixed
The hard light path welder has no gradual fade-out function and the welding start section is unstable, requiring pre-emission
The fiber-optic transmission welding machine has a gradually fade-out function, and the gradual power compensation can stabilize the power of the initial stage and eliminate the non-end of the weld by gradually evolving.
The optical path is fixed, the specific machine has integrated the worktable of the specific configuration, the volume is small, but the flexibility is poor, it is not easy to integrate with the customer's automated production line
The laser is transmitted through the optical fiber to the welding head, which is a flexible connection, which facilitates the remote collaboration between the operator station and the host and is easily integrated with the customer's automated production line. And the laser output of the optical fiber transmission welding machine is very flexible and convenient
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