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Fiber laser laser welding machine, ready to go

In the recent, photoelectric exchange OESHOW published "domestic and foreign laser listed companies earnings analysis", the global leader in optical fiber laser IPG reported that cutting and welding applications by the strong push, IPG's high-power laser sales year on year (57W), while sales of quasi-continuous (QCW) lasers increased by 82% year-on-year due to growth in applications such as consumer electronics production and impact drilling. And this growth in the Chinese market is particularly strong, almost doubled, accounting for IPG second quarter revenue of $ 364.4 million in half.

It can be seen, whether it is expert predictions, or real financial data, should be fiber laser welding with the ever-changing, poised.

Optional light source for domestic welding market

Alternatively currently on the market are mainly the laser light source fiber lasers, pulsed Nd: YAG lasers, diode lasers, CO2 lasers as well as laser disk.

CO2 laser: wavelength of 1064 nm, power 1 ~ 20 kW, is a very mature laser, but since the 1980s, high-power laser processing of the main source.

Fiber laser: In fact, a small diameter silicon-based fiber. The laser source is present in the fiber, so the focus size can be as small as 10 μm when no small diameter fiber is mapped to the focusing lens. This compact lasers typically come in two configurations: a low-power welding (less than 300 W) single-mode and multi-mode high power for welding.

Diode lasers: the development of new light-emitting device devices, the emergence of new cooling channel technology, coupled with the development of micro-optics components that can focus the beam into less than 1000 μm fiber diameter, have propelled the diode as a direct-welding laser.

Disc-type laser: flat Yd: YAG crystal thin plate placed in the center of the CW laser - disc laser This design is to avoid the inherent problems of rod-shaped lasers, while using a 0.01in thick disc, the other side with a cooling Device support. With this design to cool, you can make the laser power to 10 kW, and can guarantee the beam quality.

Pulsed Nd: YAG lasers: such a laser using a single Nd: YAG laser rod, and the occurrence of high peak low average power through the use of the flash welding excitation. For example, a relatively low power, 35 W average power can produce 6 kW of high peak power. This combination of high peak power and narrow pulse width not only ensures the quality of the material welding, but also provides effective control for energy input.

The specific contrast properties of fiber laser, YAG laser and CO2 laser are as follows:



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