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"Along the way" under the national strategy, laser welding machine, marking machine industry where the opportunities

Open the world map, starting from the East Asia-Pacific economic circle, through Asia and Africa non-continent, west of the European economic circle, the formation of a ring that is China's initiative "along the way" radiation range. "Along the way" as China's new international strategic framework, will give the local economic and industrial development to bring multiple opportunities. Its strategic vision can be divided into two levels: the recent focus on "infrastructure interoperability, financial interoperability, industry docking, the introduction of resources," long-term commitment to "trade and cultural exchange, regional economic integration and common prosperity."

Infrastructure interconnection is "area along the way" to build the priority areas, mature China's high-speed rail technology once again in which shine. Laser processing technology is the track manufacturing industry in recent years, the most important manufacturing technology, the track manufacturing process to enhance the level of play a great role in promoting. The rapid development of China's high-speed rail, but also for the laser processing provides a huge potential application market, laser cutting and welding technology and other applications will also rail vehicle manufacturing technology to a new era.

At present, China's rail transit is facing the development of high-speed passenger cars, subway buses, light rail cars and high-speed heavy trucks, train light is the preferred condition to improve the speed of the train. Aluminum alloy with light weight, corrosion resistance, good appearance and easy to create complex surface, higher than the advantages of high strength, can reduce the weight to reduce the running resistance, reduce energy consumption, increase the load, so in the world rail transport industry has been Develop. Body, bogie as a high-speed train on the important components, the quality of the entire high-speed train impact. With the rapid development of China's high-speed railway, body materials from ordinary alloy steel materials to the development of stainless steel, aluminum profiles. Material changes, naturally led to the improvement of processing technology, laser cutting, laser welding of advanced technology also will be introduced to the railway vehicle manufacturing line.

Application of laser welding

The first requirement of the locomotive body is solid, high dimensional accuracy, stable quality, exquisite appearance. The use of metal materials to meet the strength of the body, and has anti-collision, durable, fire, and renewable use. Stainless steel vehicles because of its better impact energy absorption characteristics, fire safety, lightweight and low maintenance costs, has become one of the important direction of development. Although stainless steel welding performance is excellent, but the stainless steel body and ordinary carbon steel body compared to easy to produce thermal deformation, therefore, lower heat input, non-contact type, continuous welding laser welding is an ideal welding method.

Laser cutting applications

At present, laser technology is mainly used in the field of rail vehicle manufacturing for sheet metal and profile cutting, key parts welding, automatic production line material transport and identification of transplant and other places. Locomotive steel structure of about 20% to 30% of the special parts, especially the locomotive cab, body auxiliary devices and other components, more suitable for the choice of laser cutting. Laser cutting is easy to achieve automation of cutting process control, can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality, has now been part of the stamping process and mechanical processing technology.

Laser marking application

The application of laser technology in the field of rail vehicle manufacturing is not only used as cutting energy for cutting and welding as a welding source for key components, as well as other applications. Such as in the automatic welding equipment as a key device for positioning and tracking - laser scanning with the positioning system. In the quality control system, the introduction of micro-marking and bar code management system, the use of laser marking machine in the plate parts engraved on the depth of 0.1mm parts encoding, for the realization of the original steel plate material and parts name, code and other encoded information Identify the transplant. Through effective management, you can achieve the whole process of product quality tracking, improve the quality of management.

Quality technology to survive, to technology and development, ultra-rice laser as one of the manufacturers of laser equipment, laser technology accumulation, the company fully optimized 200W-2000W fiber laser welding machine, and 3W-100W laser marking machine, product performance upgrade The basic equipment configuration, improve the product, quality and service life, to ensure high quality and efficient welding capacity, at present, our equipment optical fiber easy to achieve automation in the battery industry, IT industry, electronic devices, optical communications industry, sensor industry, hardware Industry, auto parts industry, jewelry welding industry, glasses industry, porcelain teeth, solar industry, electric industry \ thin wall materials, precision parts welding a wide range of applications, can achieve spot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding.



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