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The advantages of laser welding technology in the use of sanitation vehicles - Shenzhen laser welding machine manufacturers

Laser welding technology in the development of countries is not very balanced. This technology is the most widely used in automobile manufacturing in Europe, North America and other regions. Although China's automobile production is large, but also a large number of applications, but in the sanitation car business applications less. In order to improve the technology of our sanitation vehicle manufacturing, we should continue to try to use advanced production technology, such as laser welding technology, to improve and enhance the production technology.

The present situation and characteristics of the development of sanitation vehicles
1.1 The development of sanitation vehicles
Over the past 20 years, sanitation car market in the national policy under the strong support, be vigorously developed. At present, because many industries downturn, many companies transition to the sanitation industry. Due to the relatively single species of sanitation vehicles in the past, the output is low and the number of parts and components is large. Therefore, it is common to use centralized operation. Since it is a decentralized operation caused by the level of welding of various cooperating plants, welding quality is difficult to guarantee, quality testing difficulties, while the collaboration between the various roads, increase the cost of transport, in order to solve the above problems can be relatively large production Products focus on production, the use of laser welding technology, one is to improve the quality of welding, the second is to reduce transportation costs.
1.2 Features of the sanitation car
Sanitation vehicles are special modified cars, such as sweeping vehicles, garbage trucks and tankers and other boxes are to accommodate garbage and sewage space, the board surface amplitude, the need for stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel stitching. The use of manual arc welding, CO2 gas welding or hydrogen arc welding, the board after heating have different degrees of deformation; weld prone to defects, such as seams due to technical reasons easily lead to trachoma, porosity and other defects. The product will be detected or missed in the case of leakage occurred in the event of water leakage, resulting in working hours and materials, the second waste.

2 laser welding technology in the use of the advantages of environmental protection vehicles
2.1 is conducive to enhance the function and shape of the car
Before the manufacture of sanitation in the car more attention to the practicality and functionality of the vehicle, while ignoring the beauty of vehicle modeling. At present, because the consumer's level of consumption and appreciation of the level of improvement for the shape of the vehicle more and more attention, the vehicle's welding line to become an important indicator of an enterprise manufacturing capacity. Therefore, the use of laser welding technology in the manufacturing process, can effectively improve the efficiency of the vehicle and enhance the corporate image and the appearance of the vehicle beauty, so as to meet the consumer in addition to the practical performance of the beauty of the aesthetic needs.
2.2 is conducive to enhance the competitiveness of sanitation manufacturing enterprises
The use of laser welding technology in the manufacture of sanitation car box can effectively improve the quality and production efficiency of welding, improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the box, and improve the manufacturing level of sanitation vehicles to realize the same In the purpose of competitiveness.
2.3 is conducive to the sanitation industry in the direction of large-scale development
Sanitation car industry gradually large-scale development is a trend. Sanitation car market development to today's technology is maturing, mass production has become possible. The use of laser welding technology can improve the speed of welding, thereby improving the production efficiency of the car, but also can improve the appearance of the product, quality, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Welding work in the sanitation car box manufacturing process required for a variety of preparation time, welding time and the use of labor are more, thus improving the efficiency of welding work to improve the efficiency of the production of sanitation is of great significance.

Principle and Development of Laser Welding Technology
3.1 Principles of laser welding technology
Laser welding is a laser for the heat source welding, the laser is a beam of parallel light with a parabolic mirror or convex lens condenser, you can get a high power density. It has a small welding deformation, welding speed, heating more concentrated and other advantages, heating capacity is also strong, you can focus on the smaller point of heat, and then quickly the work of welding. Laser welding equipment, including the control system, welding machine, light guide system and the laser several devices, can be used for high-speed welding work, the energy density is relatively high.
Laser welding is suitable for welding with high hardness and melting point. The heat distortion of the material or heat affected zone is also relatively small, and the welding time is relatively short. The use of laser welding technology will not make the equipment or the electrode wear and tear, it will not pollute the surrounding environment. The use of laser welding technology to produce less heat welding, parts in the production process which is also a high stability, welding seam protrusion and width is relatively small, welding strength. Therefore, in the automobile manufacturing process using laser welding technology, not only can reduce the preparation of welding work, but also can reduce the processing of welding seam work.
3.2 Laser welding technology development
In the process of manufacturing the car, the use of laser welding technology is used in the production of transmission gears. This gear for the welding work requirements are relatively high, in the welding time should be taken into account the gear in the quality, speed and load factors such as the operation of the accuracy of the welding requirements are relatively high. In the welding time also pay attention, can not increase the gear quality. Laser welding technology is a laser, beam focusing technology, which not only has the characteristics of high accuracy, in the welding work will not produce gaseous or increase the weight of the material, you can perfectly complete the welding work, so It is widely used in gear welding work.

Application of Laser Welding Technology in Environment Guard Market
Laser welding technology has different advantages from other welding techniques.
First, laser welding technology using the computer for automatic control, which can use a shorter time to fuse different materials, the welding accuracy is higher.
Second, the laser welding technology uses a laser beam to carry out the welding work, rather than using the electrode for welding work, so there will be no electrode contamination, and the welding grain is relatively small, after welding is not only more beautiful clean.
Third, the laser welding technology will not be the interference of the magnetic field, you can try to save manpower and material resources, thereby reducing the welding time, improve the accuracy of welding and so on.
In the manufacture of cars, you can use a variety of laser welding technology, we should be based on the actual work to choose the welding technology.

Concluding remarks
All in all, laser welding technology in the sanitation industry in the application, not only can improve the quality of sanitation car, but also can improve the economic interests of environmental operators. With the development of science and technology, we should continue to improve the laser welding technology, to promote laser welding technology in the manufacturing industry in the relevant industries, so as to promote the healthy and stable development of automobile manufacturing enterprises.
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