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One-to-two multi-function portable welding hand-held integrated advertising laser welding machine - dual-use handheld laser welding machine

One-to-two laser welding machine multi-function hand-held portable welding advertising laser welding machine, is a handheld one-word advertising laser welding machine, the first generation of advertising word laser welding machine is hard optical road fixed laser welding, but will encounter relatively large advertising Words, it is not convenient to solder on a fixed workbench, what should I do?

   Ultra-meter laser research and development: Hand-held integrated advertising word laser welding machine, one-to-two laser welding machine, multi-function welding, can be welded on the fixed worktable, can also change the working mode, use hand-held welding, flexible use. Laser welding machine free proofing
Laser welder with one-piece advertising word

Performance characteristics

1. Targeting the characteristics of the advertising word industry;

1. Large format workbench;

2. The trait is extended by the optical path, and the telescopic range can reach 800mm;

3. Specially designed telephoto lens F=200mm.

4. Optional CCD monitor, the welding effect is clear and intuitive;

5. The heat affected area is small and the working surface will not be deformed;

6. Optical fiber transmission can be hand-held portable manual and flexible laser welding

The welding surface has no protrusions, no need for polishing and polishing, saving time and labor, and being beautiful and firm.

One-to-two multi-function portable welding hand-held integrated advertising laser welding machine

It is applied to the rapid precision welding of various stainless steel characters, LED letters, LOGO logos, signs, advertising characters and other products.

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