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Multi-optical road automatic laser welding automatic feeding and unloading - double-head laser welding machine program

Multi-path automatic laser welding - double-head laser welding machine program:

   The ultra-meter laser adopts multi-path laser beam splitting technology, which can output light in time division or energy. The vibrating plate is used to automatically select the material feeding, automatic positioning, or CCD visual positioning system, multi-light path automatic light-emitting welding and automatic receiving system to improve efficiency and replace high labor cost.

Product Description: product deion:

The optical fiber transmission laser welding workbench (multi-optical path) adopts imported optical fiber line transmission, and the laser can realize multi-fiber simultaneous output. With multi-head high-speed scanning galvanometer or Y-type welding head, the spot is uniform and the welding effect is good. Through energy splitting or time splitting, simultaneous welding or time-division welding can be realized. Fully automatic welding or semi-automatic welding can be realized according to user requirements. The operation is simple and the labor cost is greatly saved. The following figure: Double-head galvanometer fiber laser welding machine

Multi-optical laser spot welding machine pulse type fiber transmission laser welding machine advantages:

1. Multi-optical path design, can be combined with automated production line to realize multi-station simultaneous or time-sharing processing, simpler operation and wider application.

2. The fiber-optic welding head is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, plastic grip design, the switch is at the grip, the fiber length is up to 5 meters, and it can be operated by both left and right hand and manipulator.

3. The fiber soldering head can be expanded and detachably equipped with various fixtures to realize different types of welding.

4. Multi-optical laser spot welding machine pulse-type fiber transmission laser welding machine with automatic line to achieve small or unmanned production;


The main application fields of optical fiber transmission galvanometer laser welding machine:

Mobile phone shields, metal hands, machine casings, metal capacitor casings, MP3, MP4 enclosures, hard drives, micro-motors, sensors; power batteries, supercapacitors, battery tab welding, optical communication devices, etc., and high-speed points for other coherent products Welding and continuous welding and sealing. The above is just a double-head galvanometer laser welding machine. If you need this or other solutions, you can also find the super-meter laser.



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