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500w laser welding machine can weld thicker - ultra-meter laser

There are many laser welding machines, and the 500W laser welding machine is just one kind. It can cooperate with all kinds of fully automatic fixtures to achieve highly automatic laser welding for all kinds of stainless steel kettles, teapots, craft gifts, sanitary plumbing, auto parts, stainless steel products and other industries. It can weld thin-walled products, and can also weld heavy products with high efficiency, easy polishing and polishing, saving time and labor.

  Advantages of 500w laser welding machine:
1. High welding efficiency: The welding speed per second can reach 15-18mm, which can reach the welding speed of 5-8 times of ordinary argon arc welding.
2, the welding cost is low: when the welding gap is kept within 0.15mm, the welding can be done without the welding wire, and the operation is simple, easy to learn and understand. Ordinary labor can operate a day laser welding machine, compared with the traditional argon arc welding needs to hire professional technical workers, the labor costs will be much lower. In addition, laser welding does not require welding wire for argon arc welding and soldering. In the range of welding gap, laser welding can be said to require only electricity (optional argon gas can be used as needed), and conventional argon arc welding and tin Compared with welding, it is obviously necessary to save a lot of cost for the enterprise. In the long run, the cost of use is quite low.
3, laser welding quality is high, the appearance is beautiful: because the laser welding heat effect is small, so it will not cause damage to the parts such as deformation, discoloration, excessive welding spot or welding caused by welding when the parts are very thin. It saves a lot of time and labor costs for subsequent operations and also reduces the scrap rate of the products. The neat appearance and beautiful appearance of the welding is a great sign to enhance the overall image of the company, which can provide strong support for the company to take the high-end boutique route!
4, laser welding technology is widely used: can be used for welding of curved parts, precision parts, complex parts, titanium alloy parts, shaped parts and so on. Because laser welding uses spot welding, the laser welding machine that can not be welded to the conventional welding torch can achieve welding in the spot where the spot can reach, and the welding space is deeper than the conventional welding.
5, will not cause harm to the human body, it is known that the harm of argon arc welding on the human body is very serious, but the laser welding uses a 1064um beam that is harmless to the human body, harmless and pollution-free. Today, when workers have a clearer understanding of their own interests, choosing a welding machine with less radiation and harmless body has become a problem that every business owner has to consider. And laser welding solves these worries for you.

How thick is the 500W laser welding machine? Optimized by fiber optics to achieve excellent beam quality, meet the material thickness within 2mm, the penetration of kitchen and bathroom, home appliances, high-speed stainless steel laser welding processing within 1mm. It is generally believed that the greater the power of the laser welding machine, the better, because the power is much higher than the power. In fact, the welding effect of the fiber laser welding machine is not only related to its power, but also closely related to many factors such as its accessories, the production quality of the whole machine, software control system, optical system and so on.



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