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Does fiber laser welding work with full power affect the life of machine lasers?

Does fiber laser welding work with full power affect the machine? As we all know, fiber laser welding machine is a relatively expensive equipment, so many customers will choose a smaller power model to reduce costs. From the perspective of procurement costs, there is nothing wrong with doing so. The following analysis to the final fiber laser welding machine with full power to work on the machine has no effect.


However, if the product you are welding is relatively thick or requires continuous mass production for a long time, it is difficult for the low-power model to meet the corresponding welding requirements of the product. At this time, customers often use full power laser welding machine to complete the welding work. Is this good for the laser equipment? The answer is very bad. The following picture shows: Optical fiber transmission laser welding machine
Fiber laser welding machine
First, the main components of the laser power supply: Full-power use is like a car running 120 yards long-term, easily lead to laser power (mainly to provide power) aging, and related electronic and optical components of aging, shorten the life of components.

Second, the main components of the laser xenon lamp and crystal: consumables consumption faster, such as a xenon lamp normal light 1 million times, long-term full-load operation will be reduced to several hundred thousand times or so, the lens in a long time full load operation temperature effect Damage to the coated surface is aggravated, and contamination and cracking can easily occur.
Third, the main components of the laser chiller: chiller in the start and stop the high-frequency operation, its internal compressor and the main components consume a lot, shorten the service life of the chiller.

Therefore, we recommend that when purchasing a fiber laser welding machine, customers should first consider the materials, thickness, and other factors of the welding product, and then select the appropriate power model. This will not only achieve the best welding results, but also increase the service life of the equipment. The most professional laser equipment manufacturer, Chaomi Laser, your intimate equipment manufacturer.

Laser welding machine power size choice

If you require a 0.5mm weld depth, a 200W laser welder will do. It should be noted that if it is penetration welding, spot welding, 200W is enough; if continuous welding, it is better to use a slightly higher laser power, because the 200W laser welding machine can weld the deepest 0.8mm; if the coiler continuous welding If the welding depth is about 0.5mm, then it is better to choose a 250W or 300W laser welding machine. By analogy, the deeper the welding depth, the greater the power of the corresponding laser welding machine.


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