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Jewelry laser spot welding jewelry gold and silver thing? What are the advantages

The gold and silver jewellery on the market is developing in increasingly finer and more refined directions. Therefore, problems such as breakage often occur during the production or wearing of jewellery. The repair of jewellery often requires laser welding technology. Jewelry laser welding machines play an important role in this industry market. Because many of the exquisite metal jewelry, many processes are used to complete the processing of high-tech laser welding. Why do you use laser spot welders for jewelry? As shown below: jewelry laser spot welding machine

Jewelry laser spot welding machine

First of all, this is about how traditional craftsmanship welds jewelry. In the jewelry production process, the traditional process is to melt and heat the metal before welding and processing. This welding process often causes burning black in the jewelry, even after the late cleaning can not be completely removed, sometimes reduced The original gloss of the jewelry itself has seriously affected the aesthetics of the jewelry. Laser welding can easily and quickly solve the problems encountered in the processing or repair of jewelry. It is to adjust the small spot at jewelry welding sites such as gold and silver, and to enlarge the welding area through the observation hole to perform spot welding on the position to be processed.
Jewelry laser spot welder sample figure jewelry laser spot welder sample map
What are the advantages of super-meter laser-laser spot welding technology in the jewelry processing and repairing process? Essentially, laser spot welding is a heat-conducting type, which has a small heat-affected area for jewellery, a small solder joint, and no contamination to other parts. This remarkable advantage is also widely used for the welding of delicate and small parts. In addition, this technology will also cooperate with the most advanced system control, improve the stable performance of machinery and equipment, and control the frequency and intensity of light output to ensure the welding effect of complex structures or small parts, enhance the precision of welding work, and also avoid the traditional Welding damage to human eyes. The

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