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Automatic CCD vision laser marking machine manual automatic positioning vision technology is what technology?

Non-standard automatic vision fixed-position laser marking laser engraving machine equipment can be easily placed - Super rice laser
In today's highly automated and intelligent development of modern industry, machine vision technology has become more and more widely used in all walks of life. Also in the laser industry can see its shadow in a variety of fully automatic equipment. Machine vision is the use of machines instead of human eyes and brains to do fixed-position, judgment, measurement and identification. According to the requirements of laser marking laser engraving machine production line, it is characterized by high speed, non-contact, objective and precision.

CCD visual installation laser marking machine case
The new CCD vision laser marking machine laser engraving machine application features:
The use of machine vision to guide the laser to mark, the laser marking machine to set the position - precise, correct placement of the marking products, eliminating the cumbersome positioning fixture, artificial inefficiency and fatigue, but also can make the mark to maintain a clear and lasting Uniform features
Autofocus, complete autofocus within 3 seconds, no manual adjustment;
Coaxial vision imaging, what you see is what you get, can be deflected with the deflection of the vibrating lens, real-time observation of processing conditions, can achieve product synchronization set-bit, synchronous laser, high precision, fast speed
Visual recognition accuracy can reach 0.01mm;
Visual automatic positioning - can realize 0~99 different features, different quantities of products, automatic identification, automatic grab, automatic corresponding to do different mark processing

What is the concept of visual technology for automatic CCD visual laser marking and laser engraving production lines? What are the advantages of Super Rice laser vision-positioning?
In the marking process of a product, the traditional laser marking machine needs to be customized to be a simple or complex fixture to set the position. When the manual operation is performed, the marking efficiency is low, and a slight carelessness is used to deviate the product and affect the appearance of the product. In view of the above phenomenon, Youshi Automation has developed a vision-position laser marking system that achieves fast-speed setting-bits, marking multiple products at one time, and can also automatically feed on the assembly line, and then perform visual laser after roughly setting the position. Fixed-position marking, saving labor, improving production efficiency, and achieving automated production

Automatic CCD Vision Pipeline Laser Marking Case
CCD vision-position marking laser radiography application scope:
CCD vision system can be equipped with: fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine equipment, pipeline equipment to replace the manual, to solve the management troubles, reduce the burden of management, according to different products to save the manual 50-70%
Applicable industry: suitable for large workload, fixed supply - difficult position, workpiece diversity and complexity such as IC, small screws, jewelry, capacitors, cards and other occasions

Technical Parameters:
Model: Super rice laser coaxial CCD laser marking machine
Laser Type: Fiber Marker, CO2 Marker, UV Marker
Fixed-position system: CCD
Fixed-position accuracy: ±0.02mm
- Response time: 200ms
Working power: AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
Operating environment 5-40A°C 35%-80%RH
Fully automatic CCD visual laser marking and laser engraving directly matched with the production line to reduce the production switching and loading and unloading manpower, and have 24-hour continuous working ability, which can meet the requirements of industrial large-scale online production; so if you need CCD visual automatic laser The processing manufacturer of the labeling machine, Chaomi Laser--CCD vision setting and position system will be your good choice 158-2042-3006 Miss Luo



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