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Drug production safety to achieve packaging retrospective-CO2 laser marking machine

Recently, Ali health co-Tianshi Li, Chia Taiqingqing, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group, Cologne Pharmaceutical and other pharmaceutical companies in more than 10 pharmaceutical companies in Beijing to set up China's drug safety retrospective alliance, to promote the pharmaceutical industry to promote the formation of a comprehensive drug safety traceability trend , Fundamentally protect the drug from production, to circulation and then use the entire process of security.

For a long time, because the drug circulation is not formed throughout the trace, pharmaceutical manufacturers can not fully understand the downstream sales situation, at the same time, FALSIFYING behavior occurs, not only endanger the safety of drugs, but also disrupt the market price system, resulting in difficulties in verification. With the development of the medical industry, the establishment of a sound drug traceability system has become the consensus of many drug manufacturers, laser marking machine in the production line also plays an increasingly important role.

Medical labels are generally included batch number, serial number or other identification information, many counterfeit products are directly on the bottle label to tear off the new label, or ink mark erase, but in fact the drug can not meet or the content is not right, The harm is self-evident. The use of laser marking machine can be a good mark to avoid the emergence of this situation, laser marking logo is difficult to erase, difficult to copy and the effect is clear and easy to identify, the use of two-dimensional code and other patterns can easily determine the production information, Late tracing药品生产安全实现包装追溯-CO2激光打标机样品
For the rapid production of the packaging industry, ultra-meter laser launched CO2 laser online Pen Maji, the machine for a variety of non-metallic and some metal materials, such as paper, PVC, rubber, wood, glass, ceramics, plastic, PET, HDPE , Leather, etc., are widely used in packaging, beverage bottles, HDPE bottles and other fields.
Drug production safety to achieve packaging retrospective-CO2 laser marking machine samples
Drug safety is a long-standing concern, and drug safety is the key to achieving safety. The end of the enterprise alone, to promote the formation of a comprehensive drug industry drug safety traceability trend has been the trend. In this process, ultra-meter laser will work with the enterprise, help drug traceability system established, fundamentally protect the drug from production to circulation, to the use of the entire process of security.



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