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How to use the laser stripper to remove the insulation layer

Enameled wire is commonly used for stripping methods such as chemical reagents. It has high consumables, affects environmental protection, and is difficult to realize assembly line operation. How to use laser stripping to solve these problems, laser paint stripping is safe and environmentally friendly, high efficiency, and can realize online unmanned production. The round wire of the wire and the thickness of the wire can eliminate the insulation layer and has no residue. The specific solution can be consulted: the super meter laser
Laser paint stripping equipment models: can be customized to achieve automated production
Laser paint stripping effect:

Ultra-meter laser enameled wire laser stripping adopts integrated whole structure, no optical pollution, low power coupling loss, combined with the production process of enameled wire, has many unique advantages in laser stripping application. The stripping paint is precisely positioned, the stripping effect is good, the efficiency is high, the operation is simple, and the stripping process for various special requirements that is difficult to be completed by the conventional process can be easily accomplished. Completely non-mechanical contact processing, does not produce any mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the processed material, and the processing quality is good.

According to the needs of different industries, we can introduce a series of models, such as one-piece machine and portable machine. It can be equipped with rotary table enameled wire laser computer control and microprocessor control system. It can be programmed with precise control of stripping position, with foot switch, operation. It is simple and quick; the device is equipped with a micro-processing computer, which can perform external computer online operation to realize automatic operation; the air purification system purifies and eliminates the trace gas generated during the enameled wire stripping process.

Suitable for medical equipment, mobile phones, notebook computers, video cameras, digital cameras and other mainstream high-end microelectronics industry internal wire processing, small data lines below 0.5mm, fine wire stripping, can process cable, flat wire, coaxial wire, Single wire, double glue line, multi-layer wire to remove surface Mylar, aluminum foil, rubber or insulating paint will not cause extrusion and deformation of the wire



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