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Shenzhen chao mi   Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech products based automatic intelligent manufacturing high-tech enterprises, is the development, production, sales and service in one of the laser & automation equipment company, existing employees are engaged in a long-term laser processing equipment research and development, production and marketing of professional teams, the establishment of a sound marketing network and service system, and has offices in major cities and regions, to provide customers with comprehensive technical support and services.
Features: chao mi  The laser is a laser with a trade property company dedicated to the development of the laser industry to use the most appropriate laser device, the laser to maximize the use of services in various industries and fields. Laser core technology, independent product development, has developed again with function, supporting the use of convergence related automation. Super rice research and production of laser industry the most suitable equipment, the laser to follow the general trend in manufacturing automation go farther.

Main business: small and medium-power laser industrial equipment, high efficiency, high precision, easy operation, energy saving, environmental protection, etc.

Laser welding machine: fiber laser welding machine, galvanometer laser welding machines, automatic laser welding machine, welding machine word advertising, jewelry spot welding, laser welding machine industry-specific.
Laser Marking Machine Series: Fiber marking machine, CO2 marking machine, UV marking machine, laser marking machine online, industry-specific laser marking machine.

Main Uses: LOGO mark, product forgery, product traceability standard code, laser cleaning, precision metal welding, special welding materials and other purposes.

Widely used: electronic components manufacturing industry, precision metal processing industry, automobile manufacturing, eyeglasses and clocks sanitary industry manufacturing, medical and laboratory equipment manufacturing, new energy lithium technology development and manufacturing

To meet customer requirements, the pursuit of superior quality of our faith is always the goal, we warmly welcome customers to visit, and this support and love of my business the old and new customers to thank.

Service and Commitment:

Free delivery machine, installation, training,

Free for customers with product processing solutions

Production samples to customers for free

Provide customers with free technical support

Free for customers to provide some supplies

Adhere to customer-centric, integrity management, we adhere to the fundamental quality, relying on services and win, believe us, you get more than just a product, but also our commitment to you and guarantee !!


Contact: Miss Luo

Phone: 15820423006

Tel: 0755-36976853


Add: Baoan District of Shenzhen City manhole streets Xinyu Road, Heng - sheng high - tech park B, 403

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